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Louisville Paper Shredding

We strive to offer affordable shredding solutions for your private business documents. We understand the desire to protect your sensitive papers and for your organization to meet with all Kentucky state and federal privacy laws.

About Louisville Paper Shredding

Louisville Paper Shredding delivers several shredding service options designed to exceed your requirements at reasonable rates. We are prepared to exceed your shredding needs at any level. Many of our customers start as annual purges at the end of the year and grow into monthly shredding clients. We strive to find you the most competitive rates available.

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Lousville Shredding Services


Shredding trucks come to your business and shred your confidential materials at your location.

Off Site

This is a “pick up” service. Trucks pick up the boxes at your location and the work is done at a shredding center.

Hard Drive

Hard drives will be melted down to ensure your electronic information is gone for good.

Service Options Available in Louisville

  • Ongoing Service – Daily, weekly, and monthly scheduled shredding service. Secure, locked shred consoles are placed in your office at no charge.
  • Purge Service – For people that are needing annual, one-time, or occasional shredding. Costs are calculated on volume to shred.
  • Dropoff Shredding – Small volume projects can be dropped off to be safely shredded by our professionals. Call (502) 442-7078 to find the nearest drop off center.